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Anal August Part2

08/04/2017 at 17:49 pm
[part2] Besides taking it slow and using a training kit, another tip of the trade in butt play is: lube, lube and more lube! Anal lube is a thing people! Use it! WET has it, System Jo has it, Pjur has it… there’s even specific anal desensitizing creams if that tickles your fancy, or eases your mind. Anal lube is available in water and silicone formulas and very much appreciated by all parties involved. Unlike the mouth or vagina, your anal cavity doesn’t produce its own lubrication, so be prepared! 
Once you’ve mastered the training process and feel comfortable taking things to the next step there are so many paths for you to go down with anal play, the possibilities are almost endless. Anal sex is pleasurable for both men and women and has added benefits for both as well! Anal is fun for men because the anus is typically a tighter fit than the vagina, but it is also pleasurable on the receiving end too. The anus has a ton of nerve endings in and around it that allow for stimulation and pleasure. For males, you can orgasm through prostate stimulation and for females, you can still have G-Spot stimulation through anal sex. So, orgasming with anal is always a possibility! Along with adding sexual diversity, anal sex has been known to increase intimacy between partners as well. There is an enormous amount of trust, that goes into backdoor play, put on both partners and it adds a bit of exercise to your day, and that’s always a plus. Whether anal is right for your sexual relationship(s) is definitely up to you and your partner to decide, but hopefully now you have more information to use when making your decision. So choose to experiment with this or not, just make sure you’re being safe and smart about it 

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By Desiree